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              Marine Duty 4-way Cassette FCU

              1. Wireless remote controller is standard;
              2. Wired wall controller is optional;
              3. Auto reset, operation mode control; with room sensor & coil sensor;
              4. daily timer or weekly timer
              5.auto-diagnose, protections and error code disply; jumpers configurations on electronic board
              6. RS485 ModBus, master-slave network control is optional

              Advantagestechnical parameter

              Ceiling mounted and suitable for chilled/hot water systems.
              Two drain pump design, no spills when the vessel is 22 degree tilted.

              Air Filter: Synthetic washable and removable
              Housing: Galvanized steel with high density foam insulation inside
              Heat Exchanger: Copper tube and hydrophilic AL fins with air release valve
              Drian pan: High density polystyrene foam materia
              Drain Pump: 700mm head with float switch and no-return vavle; 2 drain pump inside; 1200mm head is optional
              Fan/Motor: Centrifugal fan wiht 3 speed motor or EC motor
              Control System: Built-in electric control or external electric control, remote controller or wired controller