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              Self-Drainage 4-way Cassette

              Self-Drainage 4-way Cassette

              Advantagestechnical parameter

              Free drain pump, Self drainage, for hot/chilled water system and ceiling installation

              Drained by nature
              without drain pump inside, running stable because of no drain pump P.C.B which is easy to damaged.

              Unit Body
              The unit height is 397mm(Size 289 is 430mm) which is suitable for the places where have enough installation space.

              Panel Assembly
              Aesthetic panel design, in ABS material with synthetic washable and removal air filter. Adjust the lover by manual, auto-swing function and remote controller is optional after installing the PCB system.

              Condensate Drain Pan
              Special design condensate drain pan with high drained dropping, it drains water quickly.

              High Efficiency Coil
              Coil are made of copper tubes and high exchange surface area aluminum blue fins. All coils are 100% tested against leaks by 16bar,1.6Mpa air pressure. with 3/4”pipe connections and air bleed vent.

              Quite running
              One-time injection forming wheel, no welding between the fan blades and inlet cone/end plate, it makes the wheels good balancing; an anti-vibration rubber is installation in the hub to ensure less vibration, low noise on the wheels and motors. Each wheel will be balanced under G0.5mm/s.

              The finger grille is optional to prevent from hand injury