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              High Static Pressure Duct type FCU

              Water pipe connection direction
              L: Left pipe connection(facing the air outlet)
              R: Right pipe connection(facing the air outlet)
              Drain Pan Material
              D1: Cold roll steel with powder coating
              D2: Stainless Steel

              Advantagestechnical parameter

              Centrifugal Fan
              Well-known brand centrifugal fans, with galvanized steel and which is statically and dynamically balanced.

              Condensate Drain Pan
              Made of high quality steel plate, shape mould punched suitable for unit drainage.

              High Efficiency Coil
              Coil are made of copper tubes and high exchange surface area aluminum blue fins. All coils are 100% tested against leaks by 16bar,1.6Mpa air pressure. With pipe connections and air bleed vent.