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              Floor standing indoor unit

              1. Wireless remote controller is standard;
              2. Wired wall controller is optional;
              3. Auto reset, operation mode control; with room sensor & coil sensor;
              4. daily timer or weekly timer
              5.auto-diagnose, protections and error code disply; jumpers configurations on electronic board

              Advantagestechnical parameter

              Suitable for refrigerant system

              Safety and environmental protection
              Use new efficient environmental protection refrigerants and clean energy to lead low-carbon life.Without destroying the ozone layer, and the ozone layer destruction potential value is 0, can reduce the greenhouse effect effectively.

              Panel Assembly
              One-to-one unit, small occupied space, no need to destroy the structure of the house and easy installation

              Easy Maintainance

              Simple structure and easy maintenance

              No infrastructure investment
              Little impact on the power grid, no need to do the power grid renovation

              DC Inverter Technolgy
              Both indoor unit and outdoor unit use brushless DC motors for high efficiency and energy saving. It can reach Class 1 energy efficiency at the heating season, and can reduce operating noise effectively.

              Low temperature heating, no attenuation
              Through the reliability design, the unit can keep the heating capacity with no attenuation when the outdoor temperature is -20oC.