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              360o Round Cassette Indoor unit

              1. Wireless remote controller is standard;
              2. Wired wall controller is optional;
              3. Auto reset, operation mode control; with room sensor & coil sensor;
              4. daily timer or weekly timer
              5.auto-diagnose, protections and error code disply; jumpers configurations on electronic board

              Advantagestechnical parameter

              Round Cassette with an innovative 360° airflow ensures optimal air conditioning which also eliminates
              dead zones. 360 degree directional wind coming out from circular heat exchanger can deliver air evenly
              throughout every corner in any space. Suitable for refrigerant system.

              Unit Body
              Made of Galvanized steel, with pre-formed expanded polystyrene air passages suitable shaped to allow passage of air, thickness enough for thermal and acoustical insulation.

              Panel Assembly-with digital LED display
              Aesthetic panel design, in ABS material with synthetic washable and removal air filter and equipped with digital LED display.

              Plastic Wheel-Quite running
              One-time injection forming, no welding between the fan blades and inlet cone/end plate, it makes the wheel good balancing; an anti-vibration rubber is added in the hub to ensure less vibration, low noise on the wheels and motors.

              Fresh air intake
              Fresh air intake is sandard for for the unit

              Circular Heat Exchanger
              High efficiency circular coil are made of copper tubes and high exchange surface area aluminum blue fins. With built-in EEV, external EEV is optional.

              Condensate Drain Pan
              In thermoforming high density expanded polystyrene, covered with a vacuum forming polyvinyl chloride, fitted with a condensates draining pump and a safety float.

              Drain pump and Float Switch
              700mm head drain pump with no return valve is installed in the unit; an float switch inside as well to prevent from leaking. If the water raising to a certainly position, the float switch will act and alarm, then the unit will cut off the water valve or stop the fan motor.