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              Ultra-thin Concealed duct Indoor Unit

              1. Wireless remote controller is standard;
              2. Wired wall controller is optional;
              3. Auto reset, operation mode control; with room sensor & coil sensor;
              4. daily timer or weekly timer
              5.auto-diagnose, protections and error code disply; jumpers configurations on electronic board

              Advantagestechnical parameter

              Ultra-thin, ceiling concealed type indoor unit, suitable for refrigerant system

              Centrifugal Fan
              Well-known brand centrifugal fan with statically and dynamically balanced.

              High Efficiency Coil
              Coil are made of copper tubes and high exchange surface area aluminum blue fins.

              Drain Pan
              Steel drain pan with powder coating for easy cleaning and corrosion resistance, anti-rust. The drain pan is insulated to prevent condensation water.

              Drian pump
              700mm head drain pump with no return valve is installed in the
              unit; an float switch inside as well to prevent from leaking.