Elmo and Abby Cupcake Decoration Idea

Elmo and Abby Cupcake Decorations

Hip Hip Hooray! These Elmo and Abby Cupcakes are so cute! They are perfect and so easy to make - any child would love these on their birthday or any special occasion! shared by criticsinmykitchen


Start with your favorite cupcake recipe - bake as directed and cool completely.

Prepare your favorite buttercream frosting.

*if you don't have a recipe, you can find plenty by clicking here

Pipe one layer of buttercream frosting onto each cupcake (using a star-shaped tip). Then do one more layer, only around the outside of the cupcake.

Pour a generous amount of jimmies/sprinkles onto a plate and gently press each cupcake into the sprinkles - being careful not to squish the frosting.

Then press a Wilton Elmo or Abby icing decoration onto the center of each cupcake.

They are easy to make but so very cute!!

Click on the Sesame Street Elmo image to be easily directed to purchase these online!

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